Corporate Finance Training Courses from Roger Baden-Powell

Corporate Finance Training Courses

Understanding Sale and Purchase Agreements

A “good deal” is a function of both the terms under which an exchange of contracts takes place and the price paid or received on completion. The drafting of warranties and indemnities identifies the risks and specifies upon whom they should fall.

Understanding Loan Documents and Security

The course focuses on the content of example loan documents and their intended consequences. Important danger areas are highlighted in respect of specific clauses and the usual negotiating compromises are explained.

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

The course discusses the nature, structure and objectives of joint ventures and strategic alliances. Emphasis is placed upon the identification of a suitable partner and the establishment of an effective management and an efficient exit route.

25 Case Studies

These Case Studies are based on some of the more interesting deals that I've done. Each Case Study begins with an explanatory introduction and then describes a meeting with a client seeking specific advice on a particular corporate problem.

19 Due Diligence Check Lists

There will rarely be enough time or money to investigate every aspect of a potential acquisition. Where to target limited resources is therefore a matter of judgement. These check lists help to focus attention on what is most important.